Los Angeles Chapter

One Watershed


One Watershed is a beach access equity initiative that brings youth from historically underrepresented communities in LA County to their local beach for surfing lessons, fun in the sun, and conversations in community watershed conservation. Anchored in the enjoyment element of Surfrider’s mission, One Watershed works to engender a sense of belonging for participants, and an understanding that the beach belongs to everyone regardless of who you are, where you come from or how you identify yourself.

Partnering with Aqua Surf School who provide gear and professional instruction, One Watershed is sponsored by the California Coastal Conservancy, the Make Yourself Foundation and local business partners such as House of Marley and OSEA. During our 2019 season, Surfrider LA introduced over 300 youth participants to surfing and engaged over 100 volunteers, instructors and chaperones.


By connecting young people to the ocean environment and helping them to foster a healthy, reciprocal relationship with their local beach, we hope to inspire a new generation of ocean enthusiasts and conservationists who understand the importance of our local watershed and the value in enjoying and protecting it.

If you’ve seen Surfrider’s Cycle of Insanity, you know our broken relationship with the natural world is threatening everything from urban communities to global marine ecosystems. For better or worse, no matter where we live, our actions impact our environment and the communities we live in every day. Each day presents an opportunity to contribute something positive to the world. We are all interconnected. We are one watershed.