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Coast and Climate

Shrinking Beaches, Rising Seas.


We cannot let our beaches and natural shorelines vanish before our eyes. That's why our local volunteer-run coast and climate committee is focused on monitoring coastal issues, documenting erosion, opposing harmful shoreline structures, advocating for nature-based solutions, and leading long-standing campaigns in the LA area to protect our beaches for generations to come.

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What We Do

The Issues:

  • Seawalls do more than steal our sandy beaches, they also have major ecological, economic, recreational, and cultural impacts. We are committed to educating the public on this issue and fighting hard-armoring along our coast. 

  • Public access to the beach is threatened every day. From locked gates to restricted hours, these threats all limit access to our public beaches. Our committee is works with Surfrider staff and experts to combat beach access issues that arises. 
  • Nature-based solutions like dune restorations protect our coastlines proactively. Our chapter is advocating for innovative coastal planning and management to protect homes, businesses and communities alongside Surfrider experts.

We are leading beach preservation efforts in LA, and beyond.

Local Work:

  • Rindge Dam was built in 1926 and by 1955 the dam was deemed inoperable due to sediment being trapped behind the dam. Surfrider is a stakeholder in the process to ensure that the sediment is properly used and the health of the Malibu Creek is restored when the dam is removed.
  • We are working with local stakeholders to ensure that surfing is factored into the plans for changing the Topanga Lagoon to allow for a healthier riparian environment. We will be working closely with the plans as they get solidified into 2023.

Changing Coastlines

Our chapter proactively addresses threats like coastal development, sea walls and other types of shoreline armoring and beach dredge and fill projects to ensure the protection of our coast.

Check out the adjacent videos featuring to learn about our changing coastlines and what we need to do to ensure protected beaches and surf breaks for the future.