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Eliminate the most toxic and harmful forms of plastic!

Eliminate the most toxic and harmful forms of plastic!

Pass AB 1290 to help achieve California’s recycling goals and eliminate toxic plastics!

Simply put, some forms of plastics are more toxic and impossible to recycle compared to others due to their chemical composition and use. These problematic plastics such as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS); polyvinyl chloride (PVC); polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) and others are hazardous to human health and our environment and contaminate the recycling waste stream. Furthermore, the microplastics that result from the breakdown of these forms of plastics pose threats to human health throughout their lifecycle from production to disposal.

The United States Plastics Pact, a group of over 100 industry members and stakeholders, identified a list of problematic and unnecessary plastic packaging materials and additives including those listed above and more. Under the US Plastics Pact, even large corporations such as Target, the Coca-Cola Company, and Walmart, acknowledged the issues with these forms of plastics and have set a goal to eliminate these materials and additives by 2025.

AB 1290 (L. Rivas) would prohibit these problematic forms of plastics by 2026 and help pave the way for California to meet its recycling and toxicity goals and improve our communities and environment.

May 2023 Update: This bill is now a two-year bill and will not be moving forward this session. We're working to pass this during the 2024 legislative session!