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We live in unprecedented times. Climate change. Global pandemic. Mass awakenings around systemic racism, oppression and injustice in America. Each of these historic, ongoing and sudden disruptions further underscore the deep divisions in how we relate to our fellow human beings and the Planet we all belong to.

In order to meet the challenges of our time, to ensure social justice, human rights and a livable thriving planet for future generations, we must all commit to making profound shifts in how we work, live and relate to one another. No single person can do it all. But each of us can do something, and together we can change the world.

Make a difference in your community.


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Support your oceans, waves, and beaches.

Your support will help the Surfrider Foundation gets us one step closer to our vision of protecting 100% of our coasts. And it's a sound investment - for every $1.00 you give to the Surfrider Foundation 87 cents will go directly to support our coasts.


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