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Rise Above Plastics Youth Speaker Series

Environmental Charter High School  
students have given the Rise Above Plastics presentation to 3,500+ people across the world since starting the Youth Speaker Series with the Surfrider WLAM Chapter 4 years ago.  They’ve presented at international summits and even given TED talks about the RAP program.

On April 23rd,  the students presented to 250 elementary students at Willows Community School in Culver City. The entire elementary school gathered to hear a condensed version of the RAP presentation.  After playing a game challenges students to guess how long things take to biodegrade, they were shocked to find that plastics NEVER biodegrade.  The youth speakers were invited to present by the group of 50 second graders at Willows School that they had presented to earlier in the year.  After the 2nd graders heard the presentation, they were so excited and inspired to be part of the solution that they made Rise Above Plastics their school-wide service learning project.

Students will design postcards that share solutions to plastic pollution and sell them to their parents and the community to raise money that will go to support the Surfrider WLAM Youth Speaker Series.

For more information on the Rise Above Plastics Youth Speaker Series, visit http://greenambassadors.org/rise-above-plastics/

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