Sponsor a Beach Cleanup

Help protect our oceans, waves and beaches by sponsoring a public cleanup or hosting a private one! Sponsoring a cleanup helps establish your company as a good corporate citizen and brand loyalty. Cleanups can also be used to encourage employees to be engaged in their community, as well as strengthen employee team building and morale.

Sponsor a Beach Cleanup. $3000.00

Your company’s tax deductible donation to Surfrider goes directly to supporting our work to make sure our oceans, waves and beaches are healthy, protected and preserved for generations to come. Your donation supports our efforts to stop single-use plastics from ending up in our oceans. It funds clean water programs that safeguard the health of our ocean waters. Your donation ensures your right to access your beach. It provides us the funding and support to education our children; making it possible to assist school districts, boys and girls clubs and organizations with presentations, educational materials, on environmental issues and awareness of pollution with seminars at the schools and/or organizations.

Over the years, the Surfrider Foundation has hosted hundreds of successful cleanups that help keep our beaches and waterways clean and enjoyable. A welcome briefing includes cleanup instructions, safety orientation and a discussion of local environmental issues. Surfrider cleanup experts will work with you to create a cleanup event that both meets your specific needs and maximizes your impact on the coastal environment. Additionally, involvement in Surfrider corporate beach cleanups will enhance the image of your company as a positive contributor to the community and local environment.

Locations throughout Malibu Beach, Topanga Beach, Santa Monica Beach, Venice Beach and Marina Del Rey. Post-event wrap up includes data summary and photos. All beach cleanup supplies included:▪ Permits ▪ Buckets ▪ Grabbers ▪ Gloves ▪ Data Cards ▪ Hand Sanitizer▪ Sunscreen ▪ Drinking Water

Frequently Asked Questions
Can we bring our company tent or banner? Yes.
Can we wear corporate apparel? Yes.
Should we provide water? Water will be provided.
Can we bring food? Yes.
Can we bring music? Local radio stations provide music.
Is this a family friendly event? Yes.
Can I bring my dog? Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on the State Beaches.
How will this event be promoted? We promote via our website, Facebook, Instagram and e-mail newsletters.

For more info please contact our Beach Cleanup Captain.

All September dates SOLD OUT.