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30 Days & 30 Ways to Protect Our Beaches During Earth Month

April 22 is Earth Day, but you don’t have to limit your Earth-lovin’ spirit to a single day. Here are 30 creative ideas for you to show your dedication to the planet—and the oceans that cover it— every day of the month (and beyond!)

Monday, April 1 Get inspired. Watch Surfrider Foundation’s video about the United States and Oceans of America. Our nation’s oceans belong to all of us. It’s our job to protect them.

Tuesday April 2 Stock your car with reusable produce bags. Don’t forget to take them into the store with you!

Wednesday, April 3 Reduce single use plastic waste by investing in a high-quality reusable water bottle. Why, here’s a cool one right here…

Thursday, April 4 Replace all the plastic lunch bags in your cupboards with reusable glass containers.

Friday, April 5 Refuse a straw at the bar during date night. You’ll thrill the bartender—and impress your date.

Saturday, April 6 Join us in Venice Beach for one of our monthly chapter beach clean-ups.

Sunday, April 7 Put metal straws in your car so you can refuse straws at the drive-through.

Monday, April 8 Buy beeswax coated reusable food wraps so you’ll never have to use plastic wrap again.

Tuesday, April 9 Pick up trash at your local park. Remember: trash that blows into gutters gets carried straight to the ocean. 

Wednesday, April 10 Put two paper straws in each of your kids’ lunch bags—one for them and one to give a friend.

Thursday, April 11 Learn how to live clean and go green at Earth Day L.A. in Grand Park. Live music, art exhibitions featuring recycled materials, food and free plant giveaways are a great opportunity to learn more about sustainability in a fun way.

Friday, April 12 Enjoy a delicious dinner at one of LA’s 19 official Ocean Friendly Restaurants. Not sure where to go? Use this map for ideas. 

Saturday, April 13 Pack a picnic with reusable plates, cloth napkins and bamboo cutlery.

Sunday, April 14 Redirect runoff and conserve LA’s precious rainwater by planting an Ocean Friendly Garden—or helping someone else install theirs.

Monday, April 15 File your taxes! Make a donation to the Protect our Coast and Oceans Fund in the voluntary donations section of your tax form.

Tuesday, April 16 Write a letter to the editor of your local paper opposing desalination in Los Angeles and letting readers know why desal is a bad idea

Wednesday, April 17 Each year, about 14,000 tons of sunscreen ends up in the oceans, harming marine life and damaging reefs. Shop for mineral-based sunscreen without sea-harming oxybenzone and octinoxate.

Thursday, April 18 Learn about the Surfrider Foundation’s 555 coastal victories since 2006. Pick your favorite victory and tell a friend about it.

Friday, April 19 Uncover the truth about where your recycling really goes.

Saturday, April 20 Join Surfrider’s Los Angeles Chapter, 5Gyres and Love Your Melon at TrashBlitz at Will Rogers State Beach from 10am-noon. We’ll be picking up trash and collecting data that will help make a difference in the fight against pollution. Our Facebook page has the details.

Sunday, April 21 Become a member of the Surfrider Foundation. Basic membership is only $25 and is good for the entire year.

Monday, April 22 Earth Day!! Take your love for the Earth up the chain by talking to your company’s leadership about sponsoring a corporate beach cleanup with Surfrider Foundation.

Tuesday, April 23 Research opportunities to help bring more kids into the fold by learning about programs like One Watershed, which connects inner city youth with fun and educational beach adventures. 

Wednesday, April 24 Attend Surfrider Los Angeles’ April chapter meeting. (Everyone is welcome. You don’t have to be a member to come!) See our Facebook page for location and time.

Thursday, April 25 Check the water quality at LA beaches using Surfrider Foundation’s Blue Water Task Force water quality report. Los Angeles-area water is collected and analyzed by students at Santa Monica High School and Palisades High as part of our Teach & Test program.

Friday, April 26 Swap out your family’s plastic toothbrushes with biodegradable bamboo brushes.

Saturday, April 27 Help us keep discarded cigarette butts out of the ocean by supporting our Hold Onto Your Butt campaign. By linking your Ralph’s club card to the Surfrider Foundation’s Los Angeles chapter, you can help us fundraise while you shop.

Sunday, April 28 Enjoy the beach! Part of the Surfrider Foundation’s mission is the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans, waves, and beaches. So, post up at your favorite spot and enjoy the waves. (Don’t forget to take 3 for the sea when you head home for the day!)

Monday, April 29 Tell your federal leaders to demand the protection of your oceans by signing Surfrider Foundation’s online petition against offshore oil drilling. 

Tuesday, April 30 Donate $1 for each of things on this list that you’ve already done (or are doing!) to Surfrider Foundation to continue our work protecting our oceans, waves and beaches.

Just because April ends doesn’t mean you have to stop practicing your new environmentally-friendly routines. Hopefully some of these habits will lodge themselves in your life and stay there for good. 

No matter how many of these you accomplish, every effort counts. Thanks for joining the movement to protect our oceans, waves and beaches!  

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